Epoxy Garage Floors

Full Broadcast Garage Floors

At Loxcrete, we only offer the best in garage flooring. Our mission is to provide every customer with the highest quality flooring and an exceptional experience. Did you know that vinyl flake floors are installed more than any other type of epoxy flooring? Not only do they look stunning, but vinyl flake flooring provides exceptional durability and value. Our flooring systems offer long lasting protection with superior resistance to wear, slip, stains and chemical spills. Once installed, you will have a garage floor with a natural stone look that requires minimal maintenance.

What makes a Loxcrete Floor different?

Industrial Materials


By only offering full broadcast flake floors we increase the strength of the coating and the looks. While it is true that a light/medium broadcast uses less materials, saving a few dollars, it also weakens the floor and aesthetics. You will only receive the best, 100% broadcast to rejection at Loxcrete.


We utilize the highest quality industrial products from established coating manufacturers. These products are the same coating products used in our commercial and industrial division at McCray Griffin Corporation. In terms of quality and durability, they are the top of the line. After extensive substrate preparation is complete, we apply a pigmented polyaspartic base coat and a clear polyapsartic top coat creating a superior floor with elegance and class.

Exceptional Experience

Close Up Photo(custom)

Customer and Artisan

At Loxcrete, we value the experiences in life. Bringing strength and beauty to your garage is only part of the service we provide. Our team of highly skilled artisans will assist you every step of the way, making ease of the entire process. Our crews are fully self sufficient and will only ask for a blank canvas to work with. During installation we install a containment tent to make sure your home appears clean and untouched. The environment created is not of a construction zone but one of ultimate care and cleanliness. It will be an experience to remember.

Delightfully Aesthetic


The garage is a very useful part of many homes. Whether its used to host others, mancaves or just storage, chances are it has quickly became the primary entryway to your home. Like any first impression, your garage entryway will set an impression to the remainder of the home. With a loxcrete floor installed in your garage, you will never have to worry about friends, family or neighbors coming in through the garage again. Your new refined space will speak volumes to the style and gracefulness of your home.

Convenient Installations

Most of our installations can be completed in just one day! In fact, we verify the weather conditions when scheduling installations to try to make sure all of our installs require just one day. However there are some factors to consider that can affect a limited amount of installations. Outside weather including heavy rain, severe low temperatures, and high humidity can cause delays in the application process. Due to these conditions, it may be necessary to postpone some installs until the weather is more favorable. Don’t worry, after your initial installation date is set, we will confirm the weather conditions and your availability 48 hours prior to our arrival to limit any inconveniences with schedule impacts. Once your installation is confirmed, we simply ask you remove the contents from the garage area so a blank canvas is ready for our artisans. Our crews are fully self sufficient and will only need access to the working area for the duration of the installation.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Epoxy floors are very resilient and require minimal maintenance. Adding a quick sweep and mop routine is all that is needed to keep your floors clean and glossy. We recommend getting a quality 24”-36” dust mop or a soft bristle push broom to remove loose dirt and dust. This will only take a few minutes and you will see this is the majority of the cleaning requirements needed. Also for thorough cleaning with a mop, we recommend a 18” microfiber mop using a mild pH neutral cleaner / ammonia with hot water. All of these products can be purchased at your local home improvement store or online.

To keep your new Loxcrete floor in excellent shape with a beautiful shine for years to come, simply perform the general maintenance items above and a thorough cleaning every few months.


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